Handmade laptop case

Please, forgive me for my absence! After I got back from vacation I came down with what is either food poisoning or the stomach flu...either way, gross. I've been stuck in bed for the past 2 days with horrible horrible stomach pain (you know it's bad when you can't even write this simple post!) But now I am feeling a lot better so regular posting will continue!


Before I left for my trip I made myself a laptop case so I could carry my computer around since I knew I wouldn't be taking part in many snow related activities (ha!). I haven't made a tutorial yet for this particular project because I ended up making it the night before I left but its super simple!

I got a quilted material from Joann Fabrics (1/2 yard), another fabric for the inside (not pictured, but it's a really cute flannel type with deer and snowflakes and its all navy blue and white!), and an 16" zipper.

I'm sure I will be making a tutorial for this in the near future so I wont go much into detail right now. I hope everyone is having a great week! And as nice as a vacation was, I'm happy to be back home with my Charlie cat!