So a couple days ago when I was coming home from work I found this dog. Well, actually the dog really found me...He just walked in front of my car and stopped and sat down! I didn't even see him but Colin said he was there. Colin opened up his car door and the little dog just hopped in! Ha! I had no idea what to do with him, I'm not much of a dog person...But he was so sweet. Colin called him Marvin for the first few days while we tried to find his owners. Charlie (the cat) was not happy about the arrangement but we had to help! So we made him a bed in our bathroom and that's where he slept and stayed during the day. Last night we took him to Petsmart to be scanned to see if he had a micro chip, he did! And they were able to tell us that his name was Cheeto. (So phunny. A long redish dog.I love it.) I was so happy we were going to be able to hopefully locate his owners. Of course it never happens that way does it?! His owners information the chip provided was incorrect. ***sad*** What was I supposed to do after that!? That was one of my last hopes, after I had already had "Found" signs around the neighborhood for days and I didn't want to resort to a shelter. Thankfully, my mom was able to help and she found him a foster mom! I was so overjoyed that at least for now he can be with a family that can actually care for him and love him. I'm secretly hoping she falls in love with him and keeps him for herself (;. So that's what I been up to for the past several days.

I took these pictures when I brought little Cheeto over to my moms house to meet my dog Molly! They became BFF's and it was so adorable. I wish she could have kept him! And yes, when I gave Cheeto to his new foster mom I was sad. I didn't think I would but I cried haha and I was sad to be leaving him. But he'll still be around till we find him a forever home just not in my bathroom.

 BFFs ♡

BFFs ♡